Stranger Aboard

As you all may know about the recent ban. (TRUMP) was never suppose to  be mentioned on here. But this is something we all have to talk about to understand and over-stand, whats happening. (F.Y.I) over-standing is a term used in Jamaica, so that the point is put across.

A Stranger Aboard.. Just to give you a little insight about myself. I moved to the U.K at the age of 9, before moving to London. I had a comfortable life, most Jamaicans move away from (home), for a better life, they  have quite a reputation of (over-staying), their welcome. But i must admit they work the hardest.

Speaking about working the hardest. Being IMMIGRANT . (IS NOT A BAD THING )


Without different cultures and migration, America would not be the country it is today. America has built it self on free labour on the backs of migrants.

I think what’s beautiful about America is that… you have a right to get a job and take care of your family and a home and all the wonderful things that this country affords us to do. So when it comes to shutting people out or locking people in because of who they pray to, that just saddens me.

(c) Mahershala Ali SAG Awards on Sunday

My mum is the strongest woman i know, and she migrated to the UK with little to nothing to her name, leaving her family back home.

One day i aspire to be as brave as her. Being a Stranger Aboard is not wrong.


Demp:Protesters hold up placards reading ‘no to Islamphhobia’ (PA Wire/ PA Images)

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  1. Good post. Looking at photos of the recent anti-Trump ban of certain citizens I saw a woman with a poster which said: “2 out of 3 of Donald’s Trumps wives were immigrants, proving yet again that immigrants to the jobs that Americans don’t want to do.” So witty! Nicola

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  2. TVscape says:

    Interesting post! Looking forward to more posts on inspirational women of colour.


  3. thank you for your feedback. i hope to hear more, very soon. 🙂


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