February 9

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired .

– Fannie Lou Hamer

Many of us believe that unless we are struggling, we are not doing it right.We struggle with thoughts, feelings, even other people. We struggle with money problems, family problems, and personal problems. Many of us have said, “ I am tired of struggling!” Well, guess what ?  When you make the decision to stop struggling, you will stop. When you stop struggling, things get better . Struggle goes against the flow. It creates exhaustion in the mind and body. When you exhausted you get sick . If you get sick, you must make a decision and commitment to do everything in your power to get better. The power is in the commitment never to  do what makes you sick. The key is the decision never to tire of doing what is best, good and right for you .

I give no thing power over me.


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