You Cant Sit With Us LDN

Girl… let me tell you about my unforgettable Sunday.

It was insane, how many people felt the same way i did. Exposing  yourself on cyberspace is never easy , and was never going to be. At no time did it every cross my mind  how nervous i was until i started blogging . Although i had a idea in my head ,  how i was going to approach the situation  it made me apprehensive about my blog purpose.

Explaining what my blog meant to me, with a group of bloggers who are established as Blogtacular  ( who provided us with spectacular goodie bags ) . Being in the presence of IamKristabel who organised the bloggers sit down, had me in a total trance.

Having that platform of well recognised bloggers  and  bloggers who are definitely on the come up. Had me excited to go home and write a few post. But life hit me harder than ten tons of bricks. I cannot necessarily call it life. if it was my insecurities and doubts standing in the way.

This morning i woke up, knowing i had to thank all the ladies yesterday who gave me good words of wisdom. and tips , all the advice we gave to each other, without a ounce of judgement or disbelief in each persons purpose in the world of blogging .

Every women yesterday,  most i did not have the opportunity to speak to as much, but the ones i did speak to. Ladies you all had a positive impact on me.

Thank You



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  1. Dominique says:

    It was so nice to meet you on Sunday at this event. It was good for a newly like me to meet like minded and established bloggers. You are full of life and come across very confident and ambitious. Keep striving for excellence and don’t be afraid to tell your story because we need to hear it. Keep on shining.


  2. Fascinating event – really enjoyed hearing more about it. Nicola

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