Experiencing racism at Allstar Lanes (Brick Lane)​

You never think you’re going to receive the full experience of racism towards you in any type of way, so openly, in an establishment as big as #allstarlanes on brick lane. Yesterday a racist remark was made, about black people after a plate of food was sent back because the burger wasn’t well done. One of the kitchen staff took it upon themselves to say “black people always want their meat well done”. That disgusting remark was overheard by the chef, who is black, who rightfully came over in a rage, clearly shocked and upset by the situation. To sweet us over, they gave us bottles of prosecco – trying to shadow the fact that they made a racist remark. It’s highly upsetting that such things are said and never overheard every day. In a climate such as this one, in an area as diverse as Shoreditch, you’d think you’d have nothing to worry about on an evening out with your girls. You never realise how society is against you until you experience full blown racism right under your nose.


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